Friday, October 21, 2011

Biggest book of questions: 34, 35, 8, 9, 68 and 69 do not believe in God.

6 pages do not believe in God in the Biggest Book of Questions. I glued these pages together. So I may not get all answers.

Now first, 34 and 35:

They do not say that God created the people and that's how life began. They lie. I glued them earlier, so I can't tell because I didn't get all information. All we know is that these pages are not Christian.

Second, 8 and 9:

These pages claimed that the Earth was made from a big bang. FALSE! The Earth can't just start like that! God made the heavens and the earth, as what bibles say. All bibles oppose this information! 8 and 9, Christanless.

Finally, 68 and 69:

They also lie! They say an ape is a human ancestor. HOAX! People were not made from an animal! I said earlier, that God created the people, and that's how life began. Adam and Eve were the first people! Unchristanlike.

That's all! Keep reading my blog!

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